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Hi I am Remal Arif. I am a eighteen years old alien with an uncommon name.I am a writer,illustrator,somewhat photographer,founder of Brown People Arts,Antygormint,RemalThoughts  and a pack of Awkwanda. I started my public account on Instagram on 18th April,2018 .I did different sort of artwork and all and was interviewed for Unread Magazine on the same month.Recently I had exhibitions at Flying Dutchman,London and The Second Floor,Karachi and was featured on Asiatimes and Dailytimes Pakistan for my awareness programme to break the trend of Chup Raho ,which is followed by South Asians countries.I did some commission work ,won Painting Freedom competition and was featured on FNF South Asia calendar 2019.

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Asia Times Artist portrays culture of silence faced by South Asian women

Dailytimes Pakistani artist Remal Arif illustrates injustices women face through striking paintings



Unread Mag Issue 12 Writer And Photographer Remal Arif


Poetry and words

I want to write it down:

Living in a busy city,
observing all the bays and bees,
I just want to write it down,
Everyday I see number of people struggling for hopes,
some lose it and some find their way,
Hoping they could lead a life,
some loss their hopes in this struggle
I want to write it down,
Some people smile,
some find their way to smile,
I want to write it down,
Some leave the word before their first word,
Some leave before the first cry,
I want to write it down,
Maybe by writing others stories,someone may write my words,
My life might capture the world,
I want to write it down,
Maybe one day the world would change,
Maybe the pen would dominate,
Maybe the cannon ball will eliminate,
I want to write it down.
Maybe the poor would lead a better life,
Maybe the blind would lead it down
Maybe the world would speak for the change,
A better life, a better being.

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Dear Death

Dear Death,
Knock the door before restless, careless and painful ending,
Ring the bell and let me know,
So I prepare my luggage before my soul reach your floor,
Buried with the worms below,
Would not be able to see the bright sky with,
I should earn good deeds for you,
Would I become element of the Earth,
Or mother worm, finding balance in every ferment,
They will lay flowers for the restless soul,
When I would not be able to tell my cure.
Remal ~

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Capture the world,live in the moment, the beauty of the surrounding will heal the soul.


ا ۴ اگست// کشمير
على :ماں! ماں! آج آپ کا بیٹا بڑا ہوگیا ہے – یاد رکھیے گا کہ آپ کے علی نے پانچھ سال کی عمر میں ذالج کے نفلی روزہ تھا –
*عائشہ کی آنکھوں میں آنسوں آنسوں لبو پر مسکراہٹ *
علی : ماں وہ بورڈر کے اس پار لوگ ۱۴ اگست منارہے ہیں نہ؟
* خاموشی *
اچھا ماں میں جا رہا ہوں نماز پڑھنے – …عائشہ…
*To be continued *

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چپ رہو

..چپ رہو
تمھیں معاشره جینے نہیں دے گا..

تم وہ پرندہ ہو جسے کوئی پروان چڑھنے نہیں دے گا..
..اُڑان سے پہلے تمھارے پنکھ کاٹ دے گا..

تمھاری ان کرنوں کی جنگ نہیں بدل پایا..

اُس چھاؤں سے شکست کھائی تمھاری کرنوں نے. .
کیا بدل پائی تم ان درندے ذہن کو..

جو بدلتا ہے تمھیں مایوسیوں کا ہاتھ اُٹھا کر …

تم ایسی جنگ میں ہو موجود جہاں کا اختتام نہیں..

Be Quite,
The society will not allow you to live…
You are such a bird, which no one allows to fly..
It will cut your wings before your fly up..
Your sunrays hadn’t change… You are defeated by that shadow.. Did you succeed in changing that cruel mind..
That change you by power..
You are present in such a war that has no end.. .
Chup raho,
Tumhay muwaishra jeenay nhi dayga,
Tum woh parinda Ho jissay koi parwaan charnay nhi dayga,
Auraan say pehlay tumharay pankh kaat dayga,
Tumhari Un kirnoo ki jang nhi badal paye,
Us Chao say shikasht khaye tumhari kirnoo nay,
Kia badal paye Un daranday zayhan ko,
Jo badalta hai tumhay.. Mayosion ka haath utha kar,
Tum aisi jang meh Ho mojood jahan ka ikhtitam nhi. .

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پیغام قائد اعظم محمد علی جناح :
ملک پاکستان ملا نہیں ہے ہمیں تحفے میں باطل ،

لہو بہایا ہے ہمارے شہیدوں نے اس کی خاطر –

کرو اس کی حفاظت دل وجان سے ،

کہ قرباں کر ڈالو اس کے لیۓ جان دل وجان سے –
رکھنا اسے ہمشہ آباد،آن بنائے رکھنا ,

نہ ہونے دینا لہو شہیدوں کا –

ان لا زوال کوششوں کو رائیگاں جانے مت دینا ,

ہمیشہ ہمت ،جو ش سے کام تم لینا-

تم ان عظيم ہستیوں کے قرضدار ہو ،

تم سندھی ، پنجابی نہیں پاکستانی ہو-

تم کشمیر کی جاں ، گلگت بلتستان ہو،

تم بلوچستا ن ، تم پاکستان ہو-


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Everyday Life Near Sewerage

Everyday Life Near Sewerage //

Location: Karachi,Pakistan.

Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan with 16.62 million population is under serious menance by problems. Due to rapid increase in population cycle, people are lacking many basic facilities. The increasing rate of population graph decreased the employment charges.Due to unemployment,people are not that much financially strong that they could afford rent a house.If you haven’t walked around the city, you might had not observed that many people (a group of family) shares a single room (my maid told me).Many poor people have settled themselves near sewerage. The open drains are not safe for the health environment. I have seen many children playing,rickshaws,shops and houses near the sewerage.The sewerage system,we have adopted is not suitable at all.Open drainage systems are serious threat to health environment.

Zoom the picture to observe [Rickshaws(vehicle), people, houses, surrounding].

Photography via :

Art account: @remalthoughts .
@brownpeoplearts @everydaywithremal

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Let’s Break Silence Against Problems women face in South Asia.

Problems Women Face In SouthAsia //

Depression, Honour killing, rape,violence, early death, abuse, harassment, early marriages.
Is your daughter born for these?
Teach Your child to be independent and confident. Teach them how to face the world. There are uncountable number of problems women face in every stage of life.Talk to your daughter,mother and wife, built trust and try to protect them and teach them how they can protect themselves. Teach her self defense. You can break the trend of “Chup Raho(Be Quite /Remain Quite)” followed by South Asian countries.

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