Everyday Life Near Sewerage

Everyday Life Near Sewerage //

Location: Karachi,Pakistan.

Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan with 16.62 million population is under serious menance by problems. Due to rapid increase in population cycle, people are lacking many basic facilities. The increasing rate of population graph decreased the employment charges.Due to unemployment,people are not that much financially strong that they could afford rent a house.If you haven’t walked around the city, you might had not observed that many people (a group of family) shares a single room (my maid told me).Many poor people have settled themselves near sewerage. The open drains are not safe for the health environment. I have seen many children playing,rickshaws,shops and houses near the sewerage.The sewerage system,we have adopted is not suitable at all.Open drainage systems are serious threat to health environment.

Zoom the picture to observe [Rickshaws(vehicle), people, houses, surrounding].

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Let’s Break Silence Against Problems women face in South Asia.

Problems Women Face In SouthAsia //

Depression, Honour killing, rape,violence, early death, abuse, harassment, early marriages.
Is your daughter born for these?
Teach Your child to be independent and confident. Teach them how to face the world. There are uncountable number of problems women face in every stage of life.Talk to your daughter,mother and wife, built trust and try to protect them and teach them how they can protect themselves. Teach her self defense. You can break the trend of “Chup Raho(Be Quite /Remain Quite)” followed by South Asian countries.

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